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18 February 2014 @ 06:05 pm
[PV] King of Otoko- Eng subs_arc.avi_thumbs_[2014.02.18_17.37.36]

Thanks to dozchan666 for the RAW :DDD LOVE YOU FOREVER XD <3 194


Again, english isn't my native language, so forgive me for any mistake m(__)m
Comments are love!!!
Take care!

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15 February 2014 @ 12:23 am
Hi :)

Hmmmm I got approved at another Brazilian public university XD
It was pretty hard...there were just 30 vacancies for thousands people :PP

But you know, Brazilian education is strange~
As for elementary and high school, public ones are the worst (it's a shame).
But for college, public ones are the best (and it ensures a good job in the future)

I applied for Engineering, btw~ and, yet, I'll study Business or Economics in Japan... XDD
Many many reasons :|a

Well...it's a pretty good university, but~ goodbye to that \õ

AND yaaaaay
8x8 Wander.mp4_thumbs_[2014.02.15_00.02.43]

Eight x Eighter con- Wander

Well...many people may wander (LOL), why did I sub it if EKA has already done this?
It was a birthday present for otakuhaspie, but...she kind of refused it LOL Kidding XDD
BUT /sobs/ even though, I've subbed it because Wander is a music which made me cry...for real~
The first time I listened to it.....TT_______________TT WAE SO SO SO PERF?
I was making it for my own pleasure (nobody understands it :P) and personal use only, but...
When I got to know everybody also liked this music, I decided to share with you <333


It was a pretty hard lyric, so forgive me for any mistake DD':
Also, they sang some lines differently (as always?) from a romaji I got somewhere (OTL)~
ANYWAY, I left what they sang in this video~

About MS King of Otoko...I'm sorry, but I'm in a hurry this week >__<
Maybe just the PV m(__)m

Comments are love <3333
Take care!
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07 February 2014 @ 11:55 pm
Hi there 8D
Sorry...this time I haven't subbed any video D: (one is in process, though XDa)

But...I just wanna say:
I got my acceptance letter from Brazilian embassy *___*
And I'm going to

It's in Osaka-fu, but not Osaka city -__-
I'm going to Minoh city- where there are wild monkeys, trees and a waterfall XDD
It's 1hr and a half from the capital :V So...though I'm happy, I'll be nowhere \o/

Happy Birthday to my dearest otakuhaspie who got accepted at Bunka (Tokyo-Shibuya /ENVYYYYYYYYYY)


Me and my friends who got accepted at Brazilian universities :DD (ok, not all of them)
I'll miss you, guys :')
Let's go after our dreams! <3
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25 January 2014 @ 02:36 pm
NANDEYANEN, today is our dearest purple zenigeba yaeba's birthday in Japan <3
But, as I live in Brazil, it's still 25th, so it's also Sho's birthday!!! My beloved hamster!!!!!!!!! <3333
Both with 32 yo! You old men <33
Love love for yoooou *sing*
Happy birthday!


And the present goes to Eighters and Arasicks!

[TV] 140122 Shounen Club Premium - hibiki_arc.avi_thumbs_[2014.01.25_12.51.39]

Shounen Club Premium- Hibiki perform!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


[TV] 140122 Shounen Club Premium - All is well_arc.avi_thumbs_[2014.01.24_21.14.05]

Shounen Club Premium- All is Well perform!!!!!
Just to remember, the lyric was written by Eito's members and the musical arrangement by Yasu!
Thanks to dozchan666 for the RAW!


The Kava Kora- Wild at Heart_arc.avi_thumbs_[2014.01.25_13.55.17]

The Kava x Kora TV- Wild at Heart (Arashi)

Yes!!! As a bonus, I also subbed it :DD
Thanks to tetsuko_himura for the RAW!

It's so great to see our boys playing Arashi's song *____*
Though I saw a lot of Eighters criticizing Arasicks and vice versa...just stop it, people! B( Geez...hontou ni nandeyanen!


I've also subbed "Seaside, bye bye" PV and Arashi's part at Shounen Club (but in portuguese~)
You can check it here: http://hatenaiarashi.blogspot.com.br/2014/01/combo-seaside-bye-bye-pv-shounen-club.html

Again, English is NOT my native language, so forgive me for any mistake m(__)m
Comments are LOVE!
That's all folks!
Enjoy it!

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20 January 2014 @ 07:49 pm
Hello :DD
This week I didn't have internet access, so I'm releasing it just now ;3

[PV] Hibiki_arc.avi_thumbs_[2014.01.20_19.26.58]

Hibiki PV!!!
And another PV I cried by watching it X''D


Thanks to hitorik for the RAW
And mikinyan for the lyric :33

Hm...2 more months and I'm leaving home D':
I'm happy, but I can't say I'm ok :|a Just...never mind XDD

Again, English and Japanese aren't my native languages, so I'm sorry for any mistake m(__)m
Comments are love <333

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Hello :DDD Long time no see, I'm sorry m(__)m
Happy new year!! PAAAAAAAAAN
246 cr to kelzenha <33

I've been busy recently, but for a great reason :DD
I'm helping eitokickass with their projects :3
Soon, you will have a lot of subbed videos *____* Please, look forward to it!

Hm... I've known many Eighters since my last post \o/
Like otakuhaspie :DDD Waaaa~ I love you, Reitya-chan XDD Let's enjoy our stay in Japan <3333

Ok~ let's go to the part you like XD

The music day - Johnny&apos;s Medley [2013.07.06] (2).avi_thumbs_[2014.01.06_21.34.58]
THE MUSIC DAY (2013.07.06)- Johnny's debut songs medley


Yes, it's old, I'm sorry XDDD
I've subbed it in portuguese last year~ but completely forgot that Eito was also there!
So, here you have! English subs! Enjoy it!!!
I love a lot of Johnny's gathered LOL
(Why is Maru so far from Eito in the end? '0')


[13-14] Kouhaku- Eito talk + perform_arc.avi_thumbs_[2014.01.06_21.35.26]


Thanks to dozchan666 for the RAW!
And (we?) I'm sorry there's a problem in the very end of the video >__<
YEAH!! SHIRO GUMI WON \XDD/ Congrats, boys!!!

*Note: They didn't sing as the japanese lyrics says so XDDDD
Like the "jye jye jye jye" part ~~ And Subaru also sang the penultimate line wrong (?)


You see, both videos are Arashi + Kanjani8 <33333 XD
Again, english is NOT my native language, so forgive me for any mistake m(__)m
Comments are welcome, people :333

Thank you for 2013!
Hope 2014 to be a great year for everyone!

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02 January 2014 @ 09:17 pm
First Purin I've ever done in my life <333
Yummy <3333


その甘い誘惑 CUTEな茶色い 瞳愛らしい卵肌
あぁ やっぱり心から言う君が好き
やわらかければいいんじゃない 大きけりゃいいんじゃな
可愛ければいいんじゃない 甘ければいいんじゃない
大好きさプリン (三兄弟ープリン)
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28 December 2013 @ 04:55 pm
So today I got some presents \XDD/

Eito cushion, umbrella, mag, t-shirt, necklace....
And Maru uchiwa *sigh* (I JUST CAN'T RESIST :DD)

I want to say a proper 'thank you' for everybody who helped me to get them :333
Like, for JUKEBOX goodies...a friend from twitter just asked if anybody needed help for purchasing them ^^ *yeah, I asked her to buy for me XDDD* So I really want to say thank you!!!! m(__)m
The Wii party catalog~ another friend gave to me :DD
And the rest, my lovely friend bought to me <333
In moments like that, I really feel loved by the people who surround me :))))


Look, this is so amazing!!! XDDD


JUKEBOX album and Popcorn DVD, finally :D
Loved the album!!! Its booklet is so full of details *Q* (I also won a sticker)


Arafes bag (LOVED IT, THANK YOU AIBA-CHAN!!!) and shirt 8D
24hr tv shirt (yeah, white!!!! <333 with a big 'Satoshi Ohno' written there XD)


Endless Game (ah...Kazoku Game, Yoshimoto-sensei!!!)
LOVE album (J-STORM, THANK YOU SO MUCH! THE BEST ALBUM EVER OF ARASHI!!!!!!! Are you learning with Teichiku? The package is just perfect! And the booklet, so thick!!)

Ok, there is more to be shown, but...that's enough :PP
Just a big hug for everyone who helped me on buying this ^__^v
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21 December 2013 @ 07:58 pm
That's a fanart I made some time ago...
It took me a month XDD

And, as bonus, a fanart by my brother-in-law:
Yes, you see...Ohno is in the middle :D
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1st of all, sorry for the delay >__<
I was too tired this week, plus a call I received from the Japanese Embassy...
Somehow, I got approved by the Japanese Ministry of Education to study in there TT________TT
It'll be 5 year studying in Japan, far away from my family and friends...
Although it is really a dream of mine for ages.....thinking about how many complications I'll have there, make me think I have to grow up and become an adult before the age I intended to xD

It's hard, but I've already made my decision: I'll go there.
You can say "Why did you think twice? If it were me, I'd go immediately! To be able to attend to Arashi's or Kanjani's cons!".
But it is not so simple like that ^^'
After all exams I took for this (and they weren't easy, not at all~ it's something like Harvard-ish exam o_O), after sleepless nights....I think I can't just throw everything away, things I really made effort to conquer.
So, that's it....here I go~

But why am I saying it? Nobody reads it, after all...\facepa\
So let's skip to the part you all want~~

[PV] Kokoro sora moyou- eng subs_arc.avi_thumbs_[2013.12.07_10.57.50]

Just felt this music was for me ç__ç
"My sky shaped heart suffering, there are also nights when it bathes in misery
But because of such moments, I  can grow up quickly"


Thanks dozchan for the RAW <333 (What would I be without you? \XDD/)
mikinyan for the booklet/ lyrics :DDD
And for my parents, who always supported me with my crazy decisions.
Love you ^^v

Again, translation not 100% accurate, english is NOT my native language.
Comments are welcome~
(*thanks for the Best Artist's +1000 DL <3)

+friend me? READ THIS FIRST
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