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19 April 2014 @ 02:54 pm
Best Regards from Japan....  
Hello 8D
Yukari desu....ohisashiburi :>

So here I am, finally, in Japan...
Many many problems occurred during my travel XD

So, I'm gonna tell you

On the day before travelling, Lufthansa said my flight was cancelled due to their strike.
Ok...and now??
I had to call them, wait for 1hour and a half to be attended and my flight was re-scheduled to:

Guarulhos (Brazil) -> Rome (Italy) -> Paris (France) -> Kansai (Japan)

Ok...2 stops, 2hr in each place, we can deal with it!
We'd go to Rome and to Paris with Alitalia and to Kansai with Air France...

We'd receive our e-tickets in few hours, so...let's wait.

And what about seats and check in? How do we do it?

Yeah...go to Alitalia's web site and check! Oh, no...we can't do the check in yet >_< Wait...

Few hours later, we could log in Air France's web page :DD
It was written our whole itinerary, but...
WTF? We'd have to pay extra luggage- that meant almost US200??
We called Air France, they didn't answer.
We called Alitalia and the attendant said it was weird, but she couldn't say anything...because it was written on Air France's page. Normally, it's 2 luggage of 32kg per person...
Ok, Yukari being desperate '-'
My friend said that there's an accord which said anyone leaving Brazil could bring 2x32kg... it's almost a law for all airline companies.
So, I calmed down.

After some hours, refreshing Air France's page, it changed to >2 luggages of 32kg per person< YAAAAAY 8D

But, nothing about our e-tickets....Lufthansa'd send us, but nothing yet
So we decided calling them at 4pm (they close at 5pm)
And, oh, after calling them (waiting 10min this time), the e-ticket came in 30 seconds! How magic B( *kick them*

We could do the Alitalia's check-in and chose our seats,
But not for Air France...

So, maybe only one check-in is necessary? Ok... Let's wait til tomorrow, I won't bother to call anyone again -_-

Did the check-in, it seemed we'd have to go out in Paris and re-do the check-in at Air France's place...ok, we'd have 2hr
I met my 2 lovely friends who are with me in the same university and, after saying bye-bye to our family, our trip had started.

An endless trip

The food was...ok, but the seat was too small >_<
We couldn't eat well D: And I didn't sleep anything, so, yeah...I was tired in Rome XD
We did the direct connection to...

I could see the Eiffel Towel :DD
The seat was small again, and there was an italian oji-san seating next to me:
"Where are you from?"

After few minutes,
"You from Camboja?"

We arrived and there were some Nickel Back's fans waiting for him there '0' LOL
So, now, that airport was enormous...where is Air France's counter??

We went to the information desk (1).

Ok, we could find the counter and the queue was loooooooooooong x_x

Did the check-in, but the guy said: "Just wait over there now, and a person will attend you again."
We waited for more than 15minutes and no one was coming -__-
We could lose our flight!!!

So we went back to that guy and he just said "there are no seats in your flight, I'm sorry"


Another attendant came and she just couldn't explain what happened...we waited for almost 2hr, waiting for her to relocate our flight...

New route:
Paris (France) -> Incheon (Korea) -> Kansai (Japan)
In both, with Korean Air

Ok...what time is the flight?

At 9pm
WTF? It's only 11am! No earlier flight???



Ok, we'll get it.../facepa/

We waited for an hour so they could call Korean Air and do all their stuffs~

After that, we won a ticket of 16 euros to spend with food!!! WOW! That was so amazing!
Plus, we received a sincerely apologize and a refund! *and a great refund for all the trouble...*

We went to get our money, but there wasn't cash enough for me ._.
So I'd have to go to a place there, called "travelex", and take it!

Ok...went there and the guy, who looked like a police, said really impolitely:
"Do you want money? Hahahah, do I have a face of someone who give money?"
I hated him, really badly

So I went back again to the Air France and they said it wasn't there, though there was a "Travelex" plaque there -__-

NOW, going to the right place, I could get my money hehe 8D

We won some telephone's tickets too, so...we needed to call the university and our parents.
But, what's the Japanese code number? XDDa

So we went to the information desk (2)

And, after some 40 minutes fighting against that cruel telephone,
With my poor japanese, I could speak to the university, saying our flight was like cancelled and we'd get latter...

Another challenge done LOL

Now, let's eat!!

But...where are the restaurants???

So we went to the information desk (3)

The lady said go there, there, there and there. Yeah, let's go~~)O)
But we got lost again ._.

So we went to the information desk (4)

We decided to eat at Mc Donalds (15minutes walking wtf) LOL And as we MUST have to spend all 16 euros there, we ordered a lot of things XD

And here we go, to...

The flight attendant guy was SO SO kakkoii!!! *melt
Comfortable seats, table, everything perf!

Plus, I watched Nazoji!!!!!! Like, KYAAAAAAA SHOOOO XD
And I could sleep for 2 hours XD

In Korea, we had to wait for something like 6 hours?
We did pretty nothing...


Here I am, finally, in Japan, thank you...

It was tiring, one of the worst thing in my life, but...everything is ok, and I'm trying to enjoy my stay in Japan....

Sorry for not having time to write on LJ T_T
Miss you, Eighters!

With love,
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dani_mathozdani_mathoz on April 19th, 2014 12:34 pm (UTC)
I'm Eigther too? You miss me?

Well now I can explain for everyone who ask me about your travel 8D</p>

Luv u xuxu

katherinekate: Ryo Prank Callkatherinekate on April 20th, 2014 10:41 pm (UTC)
What a long trip! But glad you are there safely now and glad too that the last part of your trip on Air Korea was comfortable. Enjoy Japan!!! Lucky girl. How long will you be there for?
molkita: a.: o.Omolkita on April 21st, 2014 03:21 am (UTC)
Nossa, quanto sufoco, heim? D:
Meu deus, que pena que você teve que passar por tudo isso, mas fico feliz em saber que você está no Japão agora e espero que possa aproveitar muuuuuito por aí!!
Não esquece de mandar sempre notícias. :*
lybrintlybrint on April 21st, 2014 07:48 am (UTC)
Woah! What a journey I can say *wink*
Greatly admired your patience level ^_~
The most importantly is you are safe from it ^_^
Just enjoy your trip and give a little gift for us here when you get back safely ^^'

Take care~