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03 May 2014 @ 12:40 am
ジャニーズWEST コンサートデビュー記念 なにわともあれ、ほんまにありがとう! May, 2nd (Fri)  
First of all, thanks for Marieke and Aiste o/
This is my report about JW's concert at Osaka Shochiku-za- 2014, May 2nd, 18hr:DD
Sorry for any mistake, English isn't my 1st language (and I'm still trembling because of the show XD)

If you don't want to read spoillers, press Alt + F4, thank you.
Do NOT repost these pics, not claim as yours, not even dare to share anywhere!

[Spoiler (click to open)]
The gate opened at 17hr for us to buy the goodies.
I went there on Tuesday with my friends, so I stayed still on the 2nd floor.

foto 4 (2)

Akito is my fav, btw XDb

At 17:15, they allowed us to enter the concert place itself.
I was almost one of the first to seat :PP

foto 4 (3)

My place, 1st floor, 8th row, number 6
It was REALLY REALLY NEAR the stage XDDDD *yukari having a heart attack*


Those two girls were standing at the 1st row, and I didn't give any zoom to take this pic, so~ yeah 8Db

18hr, the light turned off and we screamed KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
They were standing on a stair, wearing a white and black suit <33
The stage decoration were dragons!


Idk the name of their musics, I'm really sorry >O<
But they sang 1music here, then the light was turned off again and they came back wearing a thin coat, with their respective colors and sang ee jyanaika

During it, Akito pulled Kami-chan out of the stage XD
Then he fished him back, and it was soooo cute!!

They changed their clothes~ sang a sad music, then a happy one XD
Akito was using a deep V cut t-shirt, so I could see his nipples 8Db
The pants looked like one Arashi's used (Scene 10-11 Monster, something like that, gold and black) LOL

Akito, Ryusei, Non-chan and Shigue stood on the corridor, by our side, 2 rows in front of me!! (so I could see their face perfectly)

Non-chan stared at me for 2.5 precious seconds LOOOL IT WAS AMAZING XD

Then the stage play!!
Ohhh, that was SO FUNNY XDD

foto 3

Hama-chan- ani (older brother), he's a bad boy
Junta- okan (mother)
Shigue- otouto (younger brother), studying for universities entrance exams
Akito- oji-san (grandparent) / obake (ghost of Junta's ex-husband)
Ryusei- police man, who loves Junta
Kami- ane (older sister), who loves Ryusei
Non-chan- baby, 4 months, who can actually speak LOL

Place: this weird family house

The play is like this:
It's golden week, and they were planing to travel somewhere with the money they saved for months~ the money was hidden at the butsudan (buddhist altar)
Akito appeared from a garbage can, singing 'Let it go', japanese version: Ari no, mama no~~ (and he sang it sometimes again, ultil the very last minute)
They argued a lot, Shigue wanted to go to Disneyland because of Mickey and Goofy (Akito made Goofy's monomane- imitation LOL)
Others wanted to go to France, Italy, Spain...

In some part, they were doing Ashida Mana monomane~
For those whom didn't do well, a bowl fell down, reaching their head XD;;
For someone (Kami?), 3 octopus plush fell down XD

In the end, mother decided they'd go to Disneyland


The money has disappeared!
So they called Ryusei...
Kami-chan flirted him, and even held Ryusei in his lap LOL
But Ryusei punched Kami-chan ToT

So Ryusei was looking for the thief, when Akito-ghost appeared XDDD (the butsudan went down, revealing the baka ghost)

foto 5

Only Ryusei was able to see the ghost, who got 2 octopus plush and made them his boobs LOOOL
The ghost, who is Junta-s ex-husband, said to Ryusei: "If you like her, go ahead" XDD
And disappeared through the butsudan, setting it up again to its initial position

So Ryusei decided to make a love declaration~~
And blew a kiss through the air, but Junta didn't want his love (and the kiss wasn't powerful enough)
Ryusei asked us, who could give a more powerful kiss!
He ended choosing a guy, who blew a kiss to Junta LOL Junta accepted the air kiss, but after that, he puked LOOOL

SO the money?
Someone thought the envelope was a television guide (?), so he stored it in a cabinet under the TV
But someone thought it was a baby's stuff, and put in his stroller

They started laughing so much, saying 'no no no no' XDDD

This butsudan thing kept going down, so Hama-chan was holding it still XD>

But the smart baby thought it was a important thing, so he put the money in the butsudan again

Then the ghost appear, now with 'Kiss' (the rock band) make up LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
And the ghost was with the money! X'''DD

~happy end~

Ryusei was changing clothes on stage, only covered by a mini curtain, so we could see his face and a little of his naked body LOL
Then Akito suddenly opened a hidden place of the house, revealing a half naked Non-chan XDD
The cloth was really flashy 8Db

They sang a little more and then there was a corner in which the members did an election
Today, it was the most "hetare" (from the internet dict: good for nothing) member~

All of them chose Junta (Junta chose Ryusei XD)
Because Junta is afraid of ghosts, insects~ and isn't good at sports LOL
I saw Akito going backstage and when he came back, gave something to Kami-chan...

It was a plastic cockroach, which Kami-chan used to afraid Junta LOOOOL
In the end, Junta chose himself as hetare too!

Akito said Tsubasa phoned him, after watching their program~
Tsubasa said Kami-chan was shining as always;
Hama-chan or Ryusei was beautiful as always;
And Junta was very fearsome XDD

In some point, they thanked us because they were on Oricon's top chart 8Db
And there were 2 famous people somewhere in the theater! :OOOO (I think from HSJ?)

They sang (the stage was really beautiful, with giant tapes waving---Johnny's stages are the best!!) and that was the end T_____________T


Haha, the girls didn't say 'encore, encore'~ but 'jyanisuto', something like that

Yaaaaay, they sang ee jyanaika again
And we are jyanizuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

*fall silver tapes*

THOSE silver tapes~ within 1000 of them, 1 was written "Johnny's WEST" ¬¬
And I didn't know that...(that's why a girl stole the only tape I'd spot a mark ç____ç)
I was sobbing DDx
But I was really poker face and asked a girl in front of me, if she could give me a piece of hers XDD
Thank you so much, stranger :''DD

foto (1)

This really made my life XD

And that's my report, I guess...hmm

I could feel how much they do love their fans;
How they were happy because of their debut and their success;
I could few years of hard work as back dancers to finally...

Debut, and make their fans so proud;
So cherish, we want to love them forever...

Please, keep being a bunch of bakas as Eito are!
And go ahead!! To a bright future, from at the very beginning of your road <3

foto 2 (1)

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hoku-szhoku_sz on May 2nd, 2014 11:01 pm (UTC)
Thank you for the report XDDD
yukari_arashik8yukari_arashik8 on May 4th, 2014 05:20 am (UTC)
Welcome! :333